Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Dark Knight

By now you probably have heard the news: The Dark Knight is a homerun! The story is an epic showdown between good and evil starring our favorite winged caper and two of his sworn enemies dueling it out literally in the streets of Gotham City.
As you also have probably heard, the one who really steals the show in this latest version of the Batman series isn't big Bruce at all.... its the VILLAIN.
Heath Ledger's performance as the make-up wearing psycho, the Joker is without a doubt the best I've seen from any actor in the past few years. Due to all the news surrounding his death and it's link to the filming of this movie (there are rumors that he drove himself crazy while preparing for the role and that it ultimately led to his overdose) I was very aware that it was Heath playing a role, however I never once saw the character as anyone but the Joker. The same could not be said for Harvey Dent. Every time I looked at him I wanted a cigarette (thanks a lot Thank You For Smoking).
Heath Ledgers' epic performance aside, the movie was fantastic. I had one complaint and one complaint only: Man-face Gylenhaal
Maggie Gylenhaal is quite possibly the most unattractive person in show business, and I'm including Bruce Vilanch in this category. She has no right, place, or business in a movie of such status. This was a worse casting call than Alicia Silverstone as Bat Girl. Congratulations.
That aside... this movie is amazing, hands down. It gets a full fledged RIOT IN THE VILLAGE!!!!
Go see it now!

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