Tuesday, March 4, 2008

I now Pronounce you Chuck and Larry

I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry is one of the latest off of the Adam Sandler assembely line. It's your cookie cutter Happy Madison production: lots of crude behavior, drug refernces, nudity, and raunchy humor.... good right??
INPYCAL (since I don't feel like writting that horrible name again) seemingly has all the right ingredients, but what Happy Madison fans want is a mindless slapstick comedy, not a sappy love story (and I'm not going to lie, the love is ambiguous) about two "straight" guys.
Sure, there are some funny points...some... and yea, it has its moments, but if you're a Happy Madison fan *and for the record when I say Happy Madison, I'm referring to the production company that released such classics as Happy Gilmore, Billy Madison, and Grandma's Boy* you are simply going to be dissappointed (but not with Rob Schnieder's part as the Japanese Wedding Priest).
The one completely redeeming factor in the movie is the performance of the year by Jessica Biel's body... kudos

Overall this movie gets a Disturbing the Peace rating...

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